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At the Command Line

Archiving The key to backups and copy directories from one system to another.
Bash The Bourne Again Shell. Power and elegance with a blinking cursor.
Files and Directories In a file based Unix style system, there is flexibility, capability and much to know.
Finding Files Search for files by name or content.
Math No need to find a calculator if you have a bash shell open.
Networking Communicate between systems. Move or copy files, download an entire website.
Process Control Understand what is running and control processes.
Sorting Sorting lines of text, or reducing a list by eliminating duplicates.
SSH SSH, the Secure Shell, is one of the most powerful, secure systems on your Ubuntu Server. Amazingly versatile, superbly engineered and absolutely indispensable, SSH is the key to secure, efficient communication.
Text Manipulation With pipes and redirection, combine tools to edit files and minnow the wheat from the chaff.
Time and Date View a calendar, get the time, calculate dates.
Wordplay Solve word puzzles.
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