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Server Administration

Ubuntu Server Maintenance

Maintaining an Ubuntu Server


Disk Space How to monitor disk space, find large files and directories and empty log files.
LogWatch System logs contain a wealth of information about reliability, security issues and more. The problem they present is winnowing useful data from so much data. LogWatch is a system that creates a concise report to help the administrator find and address issues.
RootKits Regularly check your system for rootkits that may be installed by hostile hackers.
Security Analyzers Learn to scan for vulnerabilities, analyze system logs and scan for open ports.
Updating Packages Regularly update the packages on the server for security updates and bug fixes.
Upgrading Ubuntu Server to lastest LTS version Upgrade from 10.04 to 12.04 LTS.
Web Server Maintenance Activate and deactivate sites and modules.

Admin Duties

A Weekly Maintenance Plan

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