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Server Administration

AWS Topics about running an Ubuntu Server on Amazon Web Services.
Backups Data that is not backed up is only temporary data.
Configuration Initial server set up and configuration.
Cron Linux's time-based job scheduler.
General Administration Rebooting, daemons, cron, package management, temporary files
Groups Manage groups and their users members.
Maintenance Regular maintenance keeps your server healthy.
Network Get information about the network and change settings.
Monitoring Understand how well your server is handling load and when it is stressed.
Package Management Install and maintain packages.
Scripts Administration scripts.
Security Servers are under constant attack. Make sure your server is not low hanging fruit.
Services Control services running on an Ubuntu Server.
System Information Quickly get information about your server.
Ubuntu Logs Learn to understand and extract vital data from your server's logs.
Users Manage users on your server.

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