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At the Command Line | Networking


SSH, the Secure Shell, is one of the most powerful, secure systems on your Ubuntu Server. Amazingly versatile, superbly engineered and absolutely indispensable, SSH is the key to secure, efficient communication.

see also: SSH Security

Easy SSH SOCKS 5 Proxy for Safer Web Browsing Web surf safely from your StarBucks.
Public/Private Key Pairs Use SHH without a password for increased security.
SSH and Rsync Copying a directory from a remote machine to a local machine.
SSH Security Make your SSH configuration and usage safer.

Run command on $HOST as $USER (default command=shell)

ssh $USER@$HOST command

Copy with Permissions to $USER's Home Directory on $HOST

scp -p -r $USER@$HOST: file dir/

Forward Connections to $HOSTNAME:8080 out to $HOST:80

ssh -g -L 8080:localhost:80 root@$HOST

Forward Connections from $HOST:1434 in to imap:143

ssh -R 1434:imap:143 root@$HOST

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